Ada Bojana


After crossing the bridge over the Bojana River, you’ll find yourself at the most beautiful and famous island called Ada. It is known to be “nudists’ paradise”. After somewhat more than one kilometer of driving you will enter in a tourist settlement, only 200 m away from the meerschaum.
At the very entrance into the settlement is located an auto-campsite. The vast area of the beach provides a complete privacy… The sandy beach of the Ada Bojana Island is 2880 m long (scale of norms of 5 m²/1), with the capacity of 12.880 people. The isle is a triangle, with the Bojana River from two sides and the Adriatic Sea from the third one, which means that it is possible to swim in the salt water and fresh water at the same time. Sandy island, separated on two parts by the Bojana River, has been formed upon the shipwrecks and became the most famous nudist settlement in Europe. Ada is the most beautiful in dawns and sunsets. A nude body looks more beautiful here than
anywhere else. In their eyes you can see curiosity and pleasure. Ada is a paradise for swimming, jogging, beach horseback riding and fishing. You are also allowed to listen to music, but it mustn’t bother anybody. Everybody’s privacy must be respected. Because of a lot of subtropical and Mediterranean vegetation, various bird species find their paradise here, too. Hunting is forbidden. Only the tall tales are allowed. You can taste the fish in the restaurants, built in attractive surroundings, with the terraces over the Bojana River. This contributes to more beautiful spirit while having lunch or dinner. Restaurant menu includes various saltwater and freshwater fish, at the price which is somewhat higher compared to those in the standard hotels. The guests are allowed to create the entertainment programme themselves.
Each guest leaves Ada very satisfied. That is the best advertisement for this tourist settlement.

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