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We prepared this special excursion for you, a unique experience of amazing sunset of our beautiful Boka Bay so you can return to your home full of memories from your unforgettable journey in Montenegro.

This is an itinerary for our boat experience :
The boat will depart from Villa dei del mare at 17:30.
Cruising around Boka Bay
We will stop at one of amazing spots in the Boka Bay to admire the sunset
You will be offered a bottle of vine ( 1 bottle for 2 people) so you can taste some vine while enjoying the sunset and beautiful colors of Montenegro
During the whole itinerary we will provide water and internet.

Duration of this experience is 3 hours.

We will be back at the villa Dea del mare arund 20:30pm

A bottle of wine,sunset, the smell of the sea a…

We will start our tour meeting you at 14:00 pm at villa Dea del Mare. Perast is one of the most beautiful cities on the Montenegrin coast. A city that is historically significant for Montenegro, facing the sea and seafaring for centuries.

It was the city of captains where the old captain’s palaces can still be seen today. We will stop in Perast 1 hour so you can enjoy the beauty of this ancient city.
After Perast we will admire pearls of the Bay of Kotor ,located just near Perast, the island of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks.
We will visit the island Our Lady of the Rokcs and we will stop there for 30 min . We will visit the church and museum dating from the 15th century, where you will hear the amazing story of the origin of the island and the churc…

We will start this amazing tour meeting you at the front of the villa Dea del mare.We will cruise the Boka bay and we will arrive at the Blue cave around 9:45am,we will stop there for about 30 min so you can enjoy an amazing experience of swimming inside this natural beauty.Caves are one of nature’s most exciting creations.One of them, thanks to the nature,is in our bay,and it’s called a blue cave.They call it blue because on bright sunny days the rays of the sun make their way to the bottom of the cave and illuminate it,making it miraculously blue.It seems like the cave is shining from the depths of the sea.It is big around 300m2, arch height 25m,it has two entrances.It is located on the Lustica Peninsula.After visiting blue cave we will cruise around Mamula island and host will tell you the history of this significant island.Our next stop are beaches Zanjice and Mirista were we will stop for 2 hours so you can enjoy the sea ,relax,swim or if you prefer visit some good restaurant or bar.On our way back we will visit submarine tunnel (5min) and the host will tell you what was its role in our beautiful bay.You’ll enjoy the smell and tranquility of the sea and if we are lucky enough maybe we can see a flock of dolphins that are often guests of our bay.We will be back at the villa Dea del mare around 13pm. During our tour we will provide water,beach towels internet on the boat.



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