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“HM Durmitor” is part of “The Hotel Management AG”, that has been operating in Montenegro since 2004. The main activities of the company are tourism and hospitality, agriculture and commerce. In the region of Zabjlak, HM Durmitor operates the hotel “Zabljak”, the restaurant “Momcilov Grad”, various bungalows, an organic farm and further facilities, as office buildings.

Forty-three years ago, Hotel Zabljak was built in a small pastoral village in the surroundings of the mountain Durmitor. With the years passing, the location developed and became a widely known tourist center on the Balkans. The four star Hotel has been renovated in 2012 and is located in the city center, facing the peak of the Durmitor. Since it’s opening it has been a place of serenity and leisure for tourists from all over the world, enjoying the beautiful alpine landscape.

The Hotel offers 26 modern accommodation units, consisting of 7 studio apartments, 4 suites, 12 double-bedrooms and 2 twin-bedrooms. Each of them being designed to the highest esthetics and including a mini bar, a safe, a luxury bathroom, a cable TV, a telephone and a free internet connection. Parking spaces can additionally be provided for hotel guest traveling by car.

To make your stay even more delightful, the Hotel offers a mini spa, where guests can enjoy a Jacuzzi bath, sauna, gym session and a relaxing massage. An indoor playroom is provided for children.

The hotel offer includes as well a restaurant, where a wide range of national dishes, but also international dishes are served. Next to the hotel restaurant, the relaxing Café-Bar Meded is best for enjoying a sunny day of the the hotel’s own terrace. A conference is as well available upon request.

Grant yourself and your loved ones a memorable vacation at the memorable Hotel Zabljak!



The restaurant “Momcilov Grad” is located between the seven peaks at an altitude of 1850m above sea level. It provides a delightful and unique of the surrounding national park. The tradition of the restaurant consists of serving the freshest produce from the company’s organic farm and offering national specialties, making it a truly gourmet treat.

Therefore, the restaurant is an inevitable attraction for all visitors of Zabljak.

In close distance to the city center of Zabljak, 15 bungalows are located on the way to the Black Lake. Every bungalow offers two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, a bathroom and two terraces. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Durmitor, they are ideal for families asking for complete privacy and serenity.

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